How I got here


Native born and raising her 5 children on Long Island, Donna Devito at one time lived the typical suburban lifestyle. Married for 16 years, life toward the end of that time threw one storm after another our way.

Eventually, I felt life sucked me in a cyclone of turmoil.  I was able to not get knocked down and did my best to hold my "Just keep swimming" attitude.  Until my biggest fear became a reality and ended in the death of my children's father.  

I had heard about Robert E. Hansen, Psychic Medium, I got up the nerve to call his office after seeing one of his Facebook posts and inquired. Sure, I’d been to “psychics” in the past that blew sunshine and fairy dust on me, but this was a horse of a different color. When the appointment day arrived, I pulled out my NY Ranger’s shirt and headed to his office. (Upon entering Robert’s office, he pretty much wanted to send me home due to his love of the NY Islanders!) With our sports teams now put aside, the reading began. I could feel my eyes that were once frozen, starting to thaw as I grabbed for the tissues. The validations kept coming faster and faster. At the end of the reading, Robert suggested I come to one of his psychic development classes, as there were other mediums there that could not only read me, but he could help me learn to read! Not what I thought was on my agenda going forward, but nonetheless, I went.

"I personally have witnessed Donna's amazing gift and I strongly stand behind her work and talent. I

Meeting Robert E Hansen, Psychic Medium

Robert’s classes were not at all what I was expecting. He delved deep into self inquiry, meditation as well as had me questioning what I was taught to believe.  Then, came the psychic practice. Over time I felt the shift he often talked about. Robert describes it as “getting out of your own way”. The person I was, that was so easily rattled, became calm and cool as a cucumber. Just that small shift in my awareness, actually saved my life years later, when I was in grave danger.

It took years for it to become clear, but I was able to chip away at most of the remenants that were left from the turmoil.  Soon, my adult children started making career choices as well as flying out of the nest and I thought to myself…what am I going to do with my life? What purpose shall I serve after being a single mom for so long? My older son's career choice had him away from home a lot.  I joined some social media groups with families that son's/daughter's made the same career choice.  I was exposed to people from all over the country.  Some had horrible financial burdens.  I'd never forget how that world and bills piling up felt like from past experience.  I decided,  I could help people with a financial donation.  Unfortunately for my family, my donation to an organization would lead up to Turmoil Cylone 2 . As much as I wished this process could of prevented Turmoil Cyclone 2, it did make me alert and calm when danger came my way.  TC2 took it's toll and people wondered how I could even get out of bed in the morning at this point. Financially, physically and mentally I was getting crushed.  

It was during this time that I stayed the course by continuing to go to Robert’s classes for years, hoping I would even have enough money for gas to get there! Leaving those classes on Saturday mornings were a tremendous personal motivator for me, as I learned how helpful my readings were to people that really needed to hear it. That in and of itself, was my new motivation, my new found faith in myself and others. I knew I could be of tremendous help (and have been) to the masses, and continue to do so to this day. 


With That All Being Said...

Now, please take note, I never have had a near death experience, was never gravely sick as a child, Moses, Noah, nor the Arch Angels never said a word to me! This came about from my own pain, from my own internal turmoil, as a phoenix rising from the ashes…I will always be grateful to Robert Hansen for showing me how to get out of my own way, not point fingers, and never giving up on this one soul. For pushing me further than I ever dreamed possible. I will be forever grateful…However, it starts with one's own will.


This is why I bring my story, experiences and inner wisdom to those who seek it…thank you for visiting. I wish you peace on your journey, 




Donna Devito, Psychic Medium

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